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Duel SIM GPS android mobile for about Rs 8000/-

Good trade site from China

Some of the good site for online purchase of items from China

Alibaba group sites

Details of Alibaba group sites

The Alibaba Group companies and affiliated entities include: – Global leader in e-commerce for small businesses (HKSE: 1688) (1688.HK) is the global leader in e-commerce for small businesses and the flagship company of Alibaba Group.

Founded in 1999 in Hangzhou, China, makes it easy for millions of buyers and suppliers around the world to do business online mainly through three marketplaces: a global trade platform ( for importers and exporters; a Chinese platform ( for domestic trade in China; and a transaction-based wholesale platform on the global site ( geared for smaller buyers seeking fast shipment of small quantities of goods. Together, these marketplaces form a community of close to 69 million registered users in more than 240 countries and regions. also offers Chinese traders a wide array of business management software, Internet infrastructure services and export-related services directly or through companies it has acquired including HiChina and One-Touch, as well as educational services to incubate enterprise management and e-commerce professionals. also owns Vendio and Auctiva, leading providers of third-party e-commerce solutions for online merchants. has offices in more than 70 cities across Greater China, India, Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States. completed its US$1.7 billion initial public offering on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in November 2007, the biggest Internet IPO at the time since Google’s 2004 offering on the NASDAQ.

Taobao Marketplace – China’s primary C2C online shopping destination

Launched in 2003, Taobao Marketplace ( is the largest consumer-to-consumer (C2C) online marketplace in China.

Taobao Mall – China’s leading B2C shopping destination with the greatest selection of quality brands and authentic products

Launched in April 2008, Taobao Mall ( is the online shopping landmark in China with 48.5% share of the country’s business-to-consumer (B2C) online retail market.* An open B2C platform with the most comprehensive brand selection, Taobao Mall has established itself as the premier destination for authentic, quality products catering to increasingly sophisticated Chinese consumers. In June 2011, it was separated from Taobao’s C2C marketplace and became an independent business. Taobao Mall is the most visited B2C online retail website in China according to Alexa.

eTao – China’s most comprehensive shopping search engine

eTao ( is the most comprehensive shopping search engine in China in terms of product and merchant information. It was beta-launched by Taobao in October 2010 as an independent shopping search engine and became an independent business in June 2011. Its mission is to create a “one-stop shopping engine” which can address the problems faced by Chinese consumers before and after shopping online, assist them in making purchase decisions, and help them identify low-cost, high-quality merchandise on the Internet faster.

Features and services include product search, group buy search, movie ticket search, e-promotion platform and Tao Bar community. It currently features more than 600 million product listings, more than 1,000 quality business-to-consumer merchants and more than 200 million pieces of shopping-related information.

eTao reflects product results from all major online shopping websites including Taobao Marketplace, Taobao Mall, 360buy, Dangdang, Joyo Amazon and Vancl.  eTao is wholly owned by Alibaba Group.

Alibaba Cloud Computing – Developer of advanced data-centric cloud computing services

Alibaba Cloud Computing was established in September 2009 with the mission of building an advanced data-centric cloud computing service platform. The company is committed to supporting the growth of Alibaba Group and the whole e-commerce ecosystem by providing a comprehensive suite of Internet-based computing services, which include e-commerce data mining, high-speed massive e-commerce data processing, and data customization. Alibaba Cloud Computing is wholly owned by Alibaba Group.

China Yahoo!

China Yahoo! – One of China’s leading Internet portals

Alibaba Group acquired China Yahoo! ( in October 2005 as part of its strategic partnership with Yahoo! Inc. China Yahoo! is one of the leading Chinese-language portals with a focus on essential Internet services including news, email and search.

Alipay – China’s leading third-party online payment platform

A value cortex 400 Android duel sim mobile

A cheap  feature duel SIM Android phone directly from

the details of the phone is at

Star X12 Android 2.2 Smart Phone with Gps WIFI Quad Band Dual Cards Analog TV Touch Screen Black

Hot Spot
CPU: MTK6516 Chip,Frequency 460+280 dual-core
Display:4.1 inch WVGA screen  480*800 pixel .optional Capacitive and Resistence
Memory:512M ROM+256M RAM ,Support memory card up to 32GB
WIFI:Bulit-in WIFI model
GPS:Bulit-in GPS model
Camera:fore 0.3 mega pixel,Back 2.0 mega
OS: Android 2.2
CPU: MTK6516 416MHZ
Quad Band: GSM850/GSM900/DCS1800/PCS1900
Dual sim cards Dual standby
Three Pages of menu
Screen: 4.1 inch high definition touch screen, WVGA, 320×480
Dual Cameras: 2.0 Mega pixel camera with flash light/0.3px, put out the biggest size is 1600×1200
MP3 background play, equalizer, MIDI, MP3
Video: 3GP, MP4, AVI, full screen, forward and pause
WIFI: 802.11b/g wireless internet
Support GPS function
Free analog TV supported
Support Java, can install applications
Support FM radio, can play with earphone
Bluetooth A2DP
Sound recorder
Video player and recorder, Audio player supported
Support MSN, eBuddy, Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, Advanced task killer, Gmail, Android Market, Youtube….
Support E-mail sending and receiving
Memory: Built in 210M, extend TF card to 16GB max
GPRS & WAP connectivity, MMS Transceive
U disk support function to keep the information storage
Telephone directories: 500 groups of contacts, support caller groups
Support SMS Text Messaging, MMS Picture Messaging, Broadcast Message, Voicemail Service
Schedule power on/off: support to start/close under set time
Alarm clock: 5 groups, support alarm clock when machine’s closed, can set from Monday to Sunday
Games: built in Android games, support Java games
More information: MP3/MP4/WAP/Bluetooth/SMS group sending/GPRS download/MMS/Calendar/Calculator/Tasks/
Alarm clock/E-book/Chat/Handwriting/Converter/Memory extended……
Size: 125x62x9.5mm
Product Weight: 120g

For me this appears to be a potential buy as soon as the dollar rate comes down.

From the Chinese sourcing site there  is a very good offer for the tablet PC with the specification given below.

The price per piece is only   188 dollars.

Cortex A8 Android 2.3 Table PC  Telechips TCC 8803 with 3G WiFi and Camera

Cortex A8 Android 2.3 Table PC  Telechips TCC 8803 with 3G WiFi and Camera

Cortex A8 Telechips TCC 8803 tablet PC adopts the most advanced Android 2.3 operating system,are the latest Android 2.3.1 Table PC. The Cortex A8 Telechips TCC 8803 tablet PC is equipped with 7.0 High Definition Touch Screen with 1024*600 resolution. Built-in G-sensor allows the screen to rotate automatically due to the direction of the tablet PC. This tablet PC supports Wi-Fi wireless network and external 3G function. What’s more, it supports external USB keyboard.Enjoy Cortex A8 Telechips TCC 8803 Android 2.3 Table PC! Support Flash10.1!

Some Links for open learning

Some links for learning


Students Resource Operating system 

Openculture website you tube

Resource on

Language learning resrouce 

Free open learning

Berkely learning





Legal latin terms for learning

a fortioria posteriori — actus reusad coelumad colligenda bona —- ad hominemad idemad infinitumad litemad quod damnumad valorema mensa et thoro —  animus nocendiantearguendobona vacantia

cadit quaestiocapitalcasus bellicaveat — — certiorariceteris paribuscogitationis poenam nemo patiturcompos mentisconditio sine qua nonconsensus facit legemconsuetudo pro lege servaturcontracontra bonos morescontra legemContradictio in adjectocontra proferentemcoram non judicecorpuscorpus delicticorpus juriscorpus juris civiliscorpus juris secundumcrimen falsicui bonocuius est solum eius est usque ad coelum et ad inferoscuius regio, eius religiocuria advisari vultcustos morumde bonis asportatisdebellatiode bonis non administratisde die in diem — de futurode integro —  de lege ferendade lege latadelegatus non potest delegarede minimisde minimis non curat lexde mortuis nil nisi bonumde novodefalcationdictadictumdoli incapaxdolus specialisdubia in meliora partem interpretari debentduces tecum

ei incumbit probatio qui dicitejusdem generiseo nomineerga omnesergoerratumesseet ceteraet seqet uxoret virex aequo et bonoex anteex cathedraex concessisex delictoex facieex gratiaex injuria jus non oriturex officio ex parte ex post ex post facto ex post facto law expressio unis est exclusio alterius ex proprio motu ex rel ex turpi causa non oritur actio exempli gratia ex tuncex nuncextant

facio ut faciasfavor contractusfelo de seferae naturaefiatFiat justitia et pereat mundusfiat justitia ruat caelumfiduciaryfieri faciasflagrante delictoforum conveniensforum non conveniensfunctus officio

gravamenguardian ad litemhabeas corpushostis humani generis (enemy of mankind)

i.e.ibidid estidemignorantia juris non excusatimprimaturin absentiain camerain curiain essein extensoin extremisin flagrante delictoin forma pauperisin futuroin haec verbain liminein loco parentisin mitiusin omnibusin pari delictoin pari materiain personamin plenoin prope personain propria personain rein remin situin solidumin terroremin terrorem clausein totoindiciainfrainnuendointer aliainter arma enim silent legesinter rusticosinter seinter vivos — — intraintra fauces terraintra legemintra viresipse dixitipsissima verbaipso facto   jura novit curiajuratjuris et de jurejusjus ad bellumjus civilejus cogensjus communejus gentiumjus in bellojus inter gentesjus naturalejus primae noctisjus sanguinesjus sanguinisjus solijus tertii   lacunaeleges humanae nascuntur, vivunt, moriunturlegitimelex communis (common law) — lex lata (the law as it exists) — lex posterior derogat priorilex retro non agitlex scriptalex specialis derogat legi generaliliberum vetolingua francalis alibi pendenslis pendenslocuslocus delictilocus in quolocus poenitentiae  magna cartamagnum opusmale fidemalum in semalum prohibitummandamusmare clausummare liberummens reamodus operandimos pro legemotion in liminemutatis mutandis         ne exeatne bis in idemnemo dat quod non habetnemo debet esse iudex in proprianemo judex in sua causanemo plus iuris ad alium transferre potest quam ipse habetnemo sibi titulum adscribitnexusnihilnihil dicitnilnisinisi priusnolle prosequinolo contenderenon adimpleti contractusnon bis in idemnon compos mentisnon constatnon est factumnon faciat malum, ut inde veniat bonumnon liquetnon obstante verdictonon sequiturnota benenulla bonanulla poena sine legenullum crimen, nulla poena sine praevia lege poenalinunc pro tunc

obiter dictaobiter dictumonus probandi (burden of proof) — opinio juris sive necessitatis     pacta sunt servandapar delictumparens patriaepater familiaspendente liteperper capitaper contraper curiamper diemper minasper proper quodper seper stirpespersona non grataposse comitatuspost mortempost mortem auctorispraetor peregrinusprima facieprimogenitureprius quam exaudias ne iudicesprobatio vincit praesumptionempro bonopro bono publicopro formapro hac vicepro perpro ratapro sepro tantopro tempro tempore (for the time being) — propria persona

quaeitur (“the question is raised”) — quaerequantumquantum meruitquasi — “qui facit per alium facit per se” — qui tam actionquid pro quoquid pro quo sexual harassmentquo antequo warrantoquoad hoc

ratio decidendiratio scriptarebus sic stantibusresres gestaeres ipsa loquiturres judicatares nulliusres publicares publica christianarespondeat superiorrestitutio in integrum

salus populi est suprema lex (“The welfare of the people is the highest law”)– scandalum magnatum (“A defamatory speech or writing published to the injury of a person of dignity such as a Peer or Great Officer o State”) — scandalum magnumscienterscintillascire faciasscire fecise defendendoseriatimsine diesine qua nonsitusstare decisissua spontesub judicesub modosub nominesub silentiosubpoenasubpoena ad testificandumsubpoena duces tecumsuggestio falsi (“the suppression of the truth”)– sui generissui iurissui jurissuo moto (“on its own motion”) — supersedeassuppressio verisupra

terra nulliustrial de novo (“new trial” by a different tribunal”) — trinoda necessitastabula rasa

uberrima fidesultra posse nemo obligaturultra viresuno flatuuti possidetisuxor

vel nonvetovice versavidevidelicetvis majorviz.volenti non fit injuria (No man can enforce a right which he has voluntarily waived or abandoned) — Vigilantibus non dormientibus aequitas subvenit (Equity aids the vigilant, not the sleeping ones)